Monday, September 18, 2017

Gaming somewhere between Wargames and Boardgames

More and more games seem to be blurring the lines between tabletop war-games and traditional boardgames. A couple of case in points were the games we played Game Night and over the weekend.
I picked up Massive Darkness as a Kickstarter. One of those it took so long to fulfill I almost forgot about it. But it was well worth it! To start, the miniatures. like most CMON games, are fantastic. I got soooooooo many. The game itself is fantastic. Three turns in and most of my gaming club were on their phones preordering for the non-Kickstarter.

As a dungeon crawler, they pack a lot into a simple system. I imagine a a lot of replay, completing all the quests with different characters. You can play solo, too.
I played again this weekend with the Boy. We lost twice but had a lot of fun.

We then tried a little GW gladiator game that snuck in under the radar: GORECHOSEN. I'm not much for the goofy background, but the core mechanics are smooth, and nice. I picked them up purely to steal the mechanics for my project, the Great Goblin Games. I'll be replacing the skull encrusted, blood spattered Khorne champions for some goblin gladiators.

Friday, September 8, 2017

GASLIGHT: Mana from Heaven

It's been over a month since we gamed at my house. That drew everyone out of their dark holes. With 8 players, I decided to return to an old favorite: GASLIGHT.
A meteorite chuck-full of X-Matter broke up and fell to Earth over a small Belgian town. The Great Powers sent expeditionary forces to claim the rocks. That much of the mysterious substance would power a a whole fleet of airships!

Amazingly, all but one contraption rumbled to life on the first turn, even notoriously fickle beasts like the Killenkanner and the L'Roue.
Both sides quickly grabbed pieces of X-Matter closest to their baselines. The Unicycle Uhlans, seeing an opening, dashed out the last piece near the bridge. Unfortunately for them, X-Matter's properties are not follow understood. It had quickly mutated an otherwise harmless river eel into a giant monster!
One Uhlan was devoured immediately.

Two groups of Germans were caught in the open and shredded, but the Anglo-French force lost a a walker to the accurate fire of the Lady Hussar's Electro Cannon.
Meanwhile, more struggles for the Hun. The Killenkanner crashed while trying to cross a rickety bridge while the Wespe fell from the sky, failing it's "Sustain" with a roll of 20.
But, the Unicyclers rallied and valiantly charged the Beast. It fell under the repeated thrusts of their lances, but not before taking a few cyclist with it.
As the night drew late and the Chiefs game suddenly more interesting, we called it a draw and opened a bottle of spirits.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The New 99¢ Mostly Monthly Scenario

Available now at:
Wargames Vault and Wiley Games

"Out west of town is a area of dense brush, broken hills and cacti, simply known as the Badlands. The Badlands are inhabited by rattlesnakes, scorpions, renegade Indians and one Sagebrush Sam.
Sam is a bit off his rocker, as you might expect for someone living in such an awful place. But Old Sagebrush might just  be in possession of a map to a mysterious cave full of lost Conquistador gold!
The hard part will be finding him."

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


We had another successful weekend at RECRUITS, both as a vendor and as a GM.

I ran two Fistful of Lead Wild West games Friday night. Both times El Guano escaped with Baby Faced Fenster in tow, but each was a nail biter to the end.
Then, Saturday morning were two Fistful of Lead games for the Viva Revolucion! supplement, the Battle of Casas Grande. The first battle the Federal garrison was overrun, but the second game they managed to hold out.

The final game Saturday evening was a Fistful of Lead game used as Pulp SciFi game starring Dash Dixon, hero of the Spaceways. This was another place test of arts for an upcoming title, possibly a Kickstarter. Dash had to get a captured Imperial robot across the crowded backwater spaceport to his waiting ship. There robot had half of Emperor Xorg-Khan's plans for his latest terror weapon: the Murder Moon! The other half of the plans were stored on another robot wandering around the spaceport.
I included a joker in the deck to give some random events. The first one activated the Spaceport Security to be used by the player playing the joker.
The second Joker randomly moved all the wandering Robots, while third Joker played gave the player the use of Vanz Glortho, intergalactic villain.
In the end, the Robot Legion nabbed the robot from Dash, who was knocked out early on. Don't worry folks, it was only a flesh wound.
Just by coincidence, there was another GM running a Fistful of Lead Magnificent Seven game. Wish I'd have taken a picture. It looked great.

But the highlight, as usual, was the great looking and fun game hosted by Cluck Amok. His 54mm French and Indian War game using Fistful of Lead: Horse & Musket through a lot of sales our way. I was busy hosting my own games but there was a lot of hoops and hollers coming from the table.
Thanks to everyone who played, and the great folks at RECRUITS.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


This weekend you can find not one, but 2 Fistful of Lead games going on during this great convention, RECRUITS. One will be run by Yours, Truly, and one by friend of the show, Cluck Amok, running his amazing French and Indian War scenario, based on my upcoming supplement for said period.
I waxed poetic many times about what an awesome convention RECRUITS is. Aimed at bringing new blood to what is and old man's hobby, RECRUITs seems to bring the best out in gamers. I usually have 14 to 60 year olds playing at my tables. The con itself is cheap, $5 for the whole weekend and free for students and military. But that doesn't mean its cheap on games. Its a good size for a regional convention. People bring their best. Lots of vendors, great games, and cheap but good grub. You won't be disappointed.
Come by the Wiley Games booth and say "hello", and hopefully buy some stuff.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Maneuvers Con: After Action Report

We had the great pleasure of attending the Maneuvers Wargaming convention in Tulsa Oklahoma last weekend. It was their first year, and only our second con as a vendor, but it's off to a good start. There was a wide variety of periods and genres, including a Fistful of Lead game featuring zombies, buffalo men and centaur natives. The hotel and the hosts were very accommodating and every game I ran had a great attitude.
Wiley Games sets up
Now to the games:

Friday night, after a four hour drive, we put on Casas Grande from the new Mexican Revolution supplement to Fistful of Lead. The Maderista rebels had to take the town before the poorly defended Federales could be reinforced. Despite the Federales getting a machine gun and artillery support, the rebels took the town, flipping history around.
The Boy was in charge of the reinforcements. He was brutally savaged the second he appeared.
This would become a theme...
Saturday morning we ran a Fistful of Lead: Horse and Musket game, "Hessians without no Aggression". Rebels had to grab a  poorly guarded wagonload of powder before the Hessian mercenaries could be reinforced. It was an interesting game, as the we had a real Hessian playing the Hessian jaegers, who were armed with slower, but longer range rifles.

The players quickly learned (the hard way) not to pop off all your guns in one turn. You spend the next whole turn reloading while your opponent moves around with impunity.
The rebels, tried, but just couldn't get to the powder in time. Once again, the Boy showing up on turn 4 with the British Light infantry, was cut to pieces by Colonial troops.

Saturday afternoon was the latest Fistful of Lead scenario from the 99¢ Mostly Monthly Scenario "Gold and Gunfire". We had a great group of guys, and the scenario needed up as a stand off when Baby Face Fenster, one of the objectives, ran off after a failed Recovery check.
I was going to pack up before the evening game, due to lack of people signing up. But i guess I wasn't the only GM with that problem. I need up putting a game of populated by all the nameless GMs. Once again, a great game, and once again Fenster bought it.

Blood Alley outside the jail
A great time, and we walked away with "Best Terrain" Award! Special thanks to my wife and kids who lugged boxes, sat at the vendor table for hours, and put up with all us Gaming Geeks.
We'll be back next year.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Viva Revolucion!- Fistful of Lead meets the Mexican Revolution

Viva Revolucion! is a Scenario Supplement for Fistful of Lead for the Mexican Revolution. Not only do you get period specific rules, but 10 scenarios that follow the timeline of the war. It's the Wild West meets the new Industrial Age of warfare.
Available for Wiley Games and Wargame Vault.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Air Support

Both sides of the Mexican Revolution used early aircraft for reconnaissance, and for combat in a much more limited role. Most pilots were foreigners, paid by the government or rebels to scout ahead of the army, and more importantly the trains. The Villistas created makeshift bombs from 75mm artillery shells, and even made a mobile aerodrome of one of their captured trains. I picked up this 1/48th scale Bleriot Monoplane from Hobby Lobby for under $20. I was truly an atrocious model to put together, but the end result will do.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wiley Games on Campaign

Greetings Fistful of Lead Fans! Wiley Games will be at two wargaming conventions very soon:
ManeuversCon in Tulsa, OK August 11-13th
and RECRUITS August 25th-27th in Lee's Summit, (Kansas City) MO.
We'll be at both hosting games and running a vendor tables. Stop by and see us!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Fistful of Lead: Introducing the Mostly Monthly 99¢ Scenario

Wiley Games is proud to present a Mostly Monthly 99¢ Scenario for Fistful of Lead.
As the title suggests, I will be releasing a new scenario for our various family of games. These will be available through both Wiley Games and Wargames Vault starting today!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Another review of Fistful of Lead!

The guys over at Meeples and Miniatures had a great of Fistful of Lead: HERE

Friday, June 30, 2017

Fistful of Lead: Gold and Gunfire

With the passing of our good friend and fellow Basement General, Bill McHarg, we decided it was only appropriate to play one of his favorite games in his honor. After an irreverent toast with Kentucky Bourbon, the game began.
The Law
Baby Face Fenster, leader and sole survivor of the Finnigan-Fenster gang is sitting in the Lesterville county jail. He and he alone knows the location of last payroll his gang buried out in the desert. He has sent word out through the criminal underworld he will share its location if somebody will break him out before his transfer to the notorious Yucca prison tomorrow.
Also at at state is a rather large gold nugget sitting, mostly unguarded in the First National Bank across the street. Marshal Bill Bastardsen and his group of mostly deputized townsfolk are all that stand between the Badguys and their goals. His only hope is a small detachment of US Cavalry camped just outside of town, and possibly a mysterious stranger arriving on the noon stage....
 The Cav
 The Dixons
 The Left-Overs
El Guappo
Facing the Marshal are the worst the territory has. El Guappo has once again slunk across the border in search of plunder, while the filthy Dixon Gang road their flea-bitten nags into town under of darkness the night before. Joining the fray were the so-called Society of Gentlemen Gunfighters, a high-faluting name for a group hired guns. Finally, the Left-Over gang, possibly the lowest of the low, a gang of scoundrels banded together because nobody else would take them. Led by Johnny One-Leg, Confederate soldier who just won't give up the Cause.
 Cover that back door!
"Hey everybody! I'm up here!"
As usual, the first few turns saw the various factions maneuvering around town, skulking in alleys and staying behind cover. The Marshal (played by son, Marshal) spotted Johnny One-Leg creeping down the street and unleashed a hail of poorly aimed gunfire from atop the hotel. He was quickly met by return fire that forced him, pinned, to the roof top. All this shooting attracted the attention of the Cavalry. Bugles were tooted, gear assembled and off they went to investigate.
The Gentle Gunfighter broke into the bank, guns ready, only to find it deserted and no way to open the safe without either a bank manager or some TNT. I frightened citizen informed them that the Bank manager was across the street have "lunch" at the saloon, but the Mining company was next door..
The Mining company was quickly taken over by the Cavalry.
 The Dixons skulking about
 Shot right out of the winders!
Blasting away in the jail
Meanwhile, El Guappo and his bandits had come under considerable fire from both the Left-Overs and the Law. Half his gang was down. Seeking cover in the second floor of the bathhouse proved a bad idea when the Left-Overs charged in a down two of his men.
The dirty Dioxins had been making their way down back alleys and were in position to rush the jail. They lost a couple of men getting there, but they busted into the jail about the time the stage arrived.
Out stepped the gunslinger turned law man, and brother to the Marshal, Matt Bastardsen. Under blistering gunfire, he assessed the situation and entered the jail.
The Jail. like the yard behind the bank, had become a bloodbath. Bodies littered the ground. The Gentlemen Gunfighters had tried a break-out after the Bank Manager arrived and had been forced to open the vault. The Cavalry gunned them down as they emerged.
In the jail and on rooftops, the Marshal's men battled it out at close range. Most ended up at Boot Hill. The Marshal himself bled out on the roof he started at, while his brother lay dying in the jail.
Blood Alley. There's always one.
The Dixons escaped with Fenster, while the Cavalry "liberated" the gold.
A great game with, as usual a "Blood Alley", a hilarious storyline that wrote itself and fitting game to dedicate to a lost friend. In honor of Bill, the Lesterville Post Office and Telegraph station will be renamed the McHarg Post Office in honor of Bill's many years as a mailman.